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Network Infrastructure Solution
December 24th, 2012Core ICT Solutions, Slideuncs 0 Comments

The migration to new applications need reliable, optimized and performance network. That will be complicated, when improper design and rolled out to the production. With the small amount of using network to carrier data yesterday would not take any effect but for today real-time applications will be bucked. To prevent breath of disaster to the [...]

Who’s UNCS
December 19th, 2012Slideuncs 0 Comments

  Universal NetCom Solutions (UNCS) founded on May 2002. Since that time, UNCS has been determined to focus on the IT & Telecom networks as unique fields of its professional activities. The company has developed the most specialized quality system solutions for a wide variety of customers. We became one of the prestigious leading suppliers [...]

Cable systems & cable pant
December 19th, 2012Core ICT Solutions, Slideuncs 0 Comments

Cable is the first round of build up communicating of the world of information and communication Technologies. It become the world most Infrastructure for the networking. With improper design and installation will cause you a lot of problem during working day and many problems are happening on cabling and more complicate and difficult to manage [...]

Data center solutions
December 19th, 2012Core ICT Solutions, Slideuncs 0 Comments

  Room and Raised Floor HVAC and Cooling System Data Center Security – Fire Alarm and Fire Distinguish with FM2 Fire Alarm – Intrusion and Motion Detect, Glass Break and Vibration Sensor – Access Control and Door Open Detect – CCTV – Alarm RACK, Rack Mount Drawer Monitor, Key Board and Cabinet Keyboard Video Mouse [...]