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Wholesale Billing Solution
December 24th, 2012Optimize ICT Solutionsuncs 0 Comments

Squire Technologies Billing System SVI-Billing is a carrier grade wholesale billing and management platform that enables TDM and VoIP operators to launch, price and provision Prepaid/Postpaid wholesale services.

Wholesale Billing System Features

Managed entirely through a web based Graphic User Interface (GUI), multiple users are able to efficiently import existing Number Plans/Tariffs & Payments as well as manually enter & manage the data directly within the system, featuring:-

  • Wholesale Prepaid/Postpaid Billing
  • Web Based GUI Management
  • Security Enabled
  • Bulk & Manual Management of Call Plans/Accounts
  • Real-Time Account Viewing
  • Fully Configurable Reporting
  • Comprehensive SQL API
  • Supports up to 10,000 simultaneous calls
  • High Availability Platform

Fully compliant with the complete SVI product range.

Supporting third party equipment via RADIUS AAA and SQL.


Call Plan Management

Rigorously control and manage how your customers are charged.

With the flexibility of the SVI-Billing system you are able to bulk import existing plans or manually create your own plan within the web based Graphic User Interface (GUI).

Bulk Call Plan Upload
  • Upload any CSV type, converted to standard E.164
  • Intelligent International Number Recognition
  • Extensive Plan Variations. Multiple Rate Sheet Formats & Multiple Sources
Bulk Call Plan Upload
  • Upload any CSV type, converted to standard E.164
  • Intelligent International Number Recognition
  • Extensive Plan Variations. Multiple Rate Sheet Formats & Multiple Sources
The intuitive Web based Graphic User Interface (GUI) helps you to develop new strategic call plans with hugely flexible configurations:

Manual Plan Development
  • Highly Configurable Tariffs/Plans, Customers, Route Sheets & Currencies
  • Flexible Billing Times (Periods)
  • Incoming / Outgoing Accounts
  • Credit Limit Definition
  • Numerous Price Variances
  • Set Up Fee
  • Grace Period
  • Overdraft or Credit Auto Switch Off
Wholesale Billing Account Management
billing account management

Highly flexible reporting allows you to manage your strategic objectives by producing statistics, tables and charts either viewed ?Real Time?, Manually produced or automatically scheduling generation including:

  • Activity Logs
  • Call Data Records (CDR)
  • Average Call Duration (ACD)
  • Average Success Rate (ASR)
  • Post Dial Delay (PDD)
  • By Customer, Country, Route, Destination

Alternatively reports can be developed using SQL Queries

The SVI-Billing Module provides easy access to highly detailed information. Making the analysis and identification of trends simple and highly efficient:

  • Call Volume Analysis
  • Call Destination Analysis
  • Profitable Annual Trends
  • Route Profitability

Combining this with the flexibility, adaptability and manageability of the system it is easy to construct lucrative billing structures that are focused on the needs of your customers.

By manually establishing your own unique invoice requirements and importing accounting information you can reliably, regularly and automatically invoice your wholesale customers.

  • CSV Bulk upload accounting information
  • Manually input account information directly into the GUI
  • Configure Your Own Template
  • ‘White Label’ invoices allows you to use your own branding
  • Automatic Bill generation
  • Automatic E-mail billing distribution as PDF or HTML
  • Configurable itemisation levels
  • CSV Bulk upload payment information
  • Manually input payment information directly into the GUI
  • Instant Credit Updates
wholesale billing invoice

To ensure service stability and centrally located sensitive information, rigorous security features have been included:

Call Security

Unauthorised Call prevention
Black / White List

User Security

Secure Access Control
Secure Shell (SSH) Access
Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

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