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SS7 Media Gateway
December 24th, 2012Optimize ICT Solutionsuncs 0 Comments

“The SVI_MG SS7 Media Gateway enables cost effective, scaleable SS7 and PSTN network breakout to VoIP networks, allowing carriers to realise the cost and performance benefits of integrating into anSS7 network”

Media Gateway Product Range

The SVI_MG Media Gateway is a fully featured, carrier-grade product with a flexible and powerful routing engine, offered in 3 models 10002000 and 8000 to satisfy client’s deployment requirements and budget.

The media gateway has a high pedigree of worldwide SS7 to VoIP signalling interconnect in over 70 countries, catering for both small interconnect up, and large international points of presence.


Common Functionality

The SVI_MG SS7 to VoIP Media Gateway is supplied as standard with a rich set of operating features:-

Core Functionality Detailed onboard Intelligent Call Routing, CDRs and External Routing APIs ?more?+
Operation, Administration & Maintenance (OA&M) Interface Comprehensive user interface providing local and remote control for all aspects of maintenance, configuration, monitoring of resources, logging, reporting, and SNMP ?more?+
Redundancy Carrier Grade, 1+1 Dual Plane worker/standby redundancy ?more?+
VoIP Protocols SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T, H.323 ?more?+
SS7 Signalling ISUP, TUP, IUP, SCCP, TCAP ?more?+
R2 CAS Signalling Comprehensive range of R2 signalling variants ?more?+
CNAM & LNP Calling Name Delivery & Local Number Portability with local caching for revenue generation ?more?+
RTP Proxy Interconnecting VoIP end points, the RTP Proxy enables scalable network hiding and NAT/PAT translation ?more?+
Squire’s Media Gateway

The Squire’s SS7 Media Gateway provides a single, one-stop SS7 to VoIP product solution offering full SS7 to SIP/H.323 signalling interconnect and TDM Voice/Dataconversion to industry-standard VoIP Codecs

Where competing media gateways only provide lower layer access to the PSTN network especially for SS7 interconnect, the SVI_MG SS7 Media Gateway provides full call control routing for SS7 traffic without the need for third party media gateway controllers or protocol converters.

This SS7 Gateway also supports CAS and R2 protocols for incumbent networks as well as comprehensive ISDN support. Full inter-working is supported across allVoIP and TDM protocols simultaneously, allowing this single multi-protocol TDM toVOIP gateway to be deployed interconnecting differing networks.

Announcements Create customized wav files to play recorded announcements at configurable points in the call flow.
SIP Registration Configure and enable private SIP subscriber based networks with full SIP registration support for clients / endpoints /softphones
Call Back Service Deliver a fully featured callback service via an HTTP interface or proprietary IP API
Call Features Full cross protocol support for Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Call Forward, CLIP,CLOP
Powerful and Intelligent

The SVI_MG SS7 Media Gateway provides powerful routing capabilities based on Hunt Groups allowing the routing of outgoing calls based on the highly flexible configuration of the incoming call criteria.

Media Gateway Call RoutingLeast Cost Routing, Time of Day Routing, etc. are offered as standard but with the addition of Call Detail Manipulation (prefix stripping, etc.) the routing engine provides a powerful solution for all routing requirements.

The SVI_MG SS7 Media Gateway provides billing integration through onboardCDR’s and RADIUS support, allowing this SS7 gateway to be integrated into existing AAA services.

Media Gateway Network MonitoringA comprehensive Operation Administration and Maintenance (OA&M) interface provides complete onboard or remote control of the SS7 Gateway in realtime.

SNMP support provides network monitoring reporting for all resources on the SS7 Gateway including call statistics -ASR, PDU, etc.

World Class SS7 VoIP Gateways

worldSquire Technologies has deployed SS7 to VoIP media gateways worldwide and assisted many clients to achieve SS7 interconnect, providing remote or on-site installation and commissioning of products quickly and cost effectively.

Coupled with Squire Technologies post sales support and product enhancement services, allows Squire

Technologies to deliver SS7 based signalling products.

Contact UsFor further information on how Squire Technologies can provide an effective SS7 VoIP solution click here or download the presentation below.

download SVI_MG presentation

/Data conversion to industry-standard VoIP Codecs.

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