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December, 2012

SMBs Hesitant to Adopt New Telephony
December 24th, 2012Servicesuncs 0 Comments

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are rapidly transitioning to from public switched telephone network (AKA plain old telephone systems) to voice over internet protocol (VOIP) according to the Yankee Groups recent report. The growth potential of this emerging technology is great and is creating a digital rift in the business communications world. Making business calls is becoming [...]

Web Design and E-Commerce
December 24th, 2012Servicesuncs 0 Comments

Looks may not be yours but its a business Buildup a website is easy but buildup to suit your business is not easy as a pie. The first challenge of the company is first time publishes on the net your website is your looks for people around the world. Creating a professional presence on the [...]

Consulting Services
December 24th, 2012Servicesuncs 0 Comments

UNCS provides consulting services cover in the ICT areas. The consulting service will become a part of many project you were deploy, so when master plan approved. The next is what to know what you can go and why the way you go is absolutely right fits to you today and in the future. Ignorance [...]

December 24th, 2012Feature Newsuncs 0 Comments

Welcome to the IP communication generation We usually journey alongside through new ways of communication. In the past, the most powerful communication system is the telephone. Once Alexander Graham Bell invented it, he thought that it would be the big advantaged of communication for the people. Now a days, At UNCS we believe, Bell never [...]

SS7 Media Gateway Controller
December 24th, 2012Optimize ICT Solutionsuncs 0 Comments

“The SVI_MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller enables SS7 on leading VoIP Media Gateways using industry based standards  MGCP, MEGACO H.248, SIGTRAN, SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T and H.323.” The SVI_MGC Media Gateway Controller enables clients to interface their VoIP networks to SS7 PSTNbased telephone networks allowing the rapid launch of VoIP services, NAS Modem Dial-Up, distributed networks etc. Product Features Standards Compliant Using industry based standards ? MGCP, MEGACO [...]

Class 4 Softswitch
December 24th, 2012Optimize ICT Solutionsuncs 0 Comments

“The SVI_C4 Softswitch provides to both carrier and enterprise markets a high performance, scaleable Class 4 SoftSwitch enabling the delivery of secure, reliable VoIP traffic and services over multiple IP networks” Class 4 Softswitch Add-ons The core of the SVI_C4 Class 4 SoftSwitch is a powerful, robust signalling engine with a number of optional “add-ons”, allowing clients to deliver [...]

SS7 Media Gateway
December 24th, 2012Optimize ICT Solutionsuncs 0 Comments

“The SVI_MG SS7 Media Gateway enables cost effective, scaleable SS7 and PSTN network breakout to VoIP networks, allowing carriers to realise the cost and performance benefits of integrating into anSS7 network” Media Gateway Product Range The SVI_MG Media Gateway is a fully featured, carrier-grade product with a flexible and powerful routing engine, offered in 3 models 1000, 2000 and 8000 to satisfy client’s deployment requirements and budget. The media gateway has [...]

VoIP optmization solution
December 24th, 2012Optimize ICT Solutionsuncs 0 Comments

VOIPBOX is a telecoms-grade VoIP optimisation solution: Gives you up to 10x as many call over existing links Saves you money by eliminating the need for expensive leased lines Improves call quality by streamlining the way data and voice share bandwidth Increases call reliability by bonding connections and automatically switching to backup lines To find [...]

Wholesale Billing Solution
December 24th, 2012Optimize ICT Solutionsuncs 0 Comments

Squire Technologies Billing System SVI-Billing is a carrier grade wholesale billing and management platform that enables TDM and VoIP operators to launch, price and provision Prepaid/Postpaid wholesale services. Wholesale Billing System Features Managed entirely through a web based Graphic User Interface (GUI), multiple users are able to efficiently import existing Number Plans/Tariffs & Payments as well as [...]

December 24th, 2012Advance ICT Solutionsuncs 0 Comments

The definition of security, many people can understand differently. People mean many things to many different in its. When ask some people to define security and you’ll get an amazing number of answers. That might be possible to understand when threat comes into your place then you would know how to get rid of. You [...]