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UNCS, one of the prestigious leading suppliers of solution and services for public & enterprises networking systems.

Supplying Internet and telecom application solutions and services; computer and telecom application networks for all kind of the human network.

Web Design and E-Commerce
December 24th, 2012Servicesuncs 0 Comments

Looks may not be yours but its a business Buildup a website is easy but buildup to suit your business is not easy as a pie. The first challenge of the company is first time publishes on the net your website is your looks for people around the world. Creating a professional presence on the [...]

Consulting Services
December 24th, 2012Servicesuncs 0 Comments

UNCS provides consulting services cover in the ICT areas. The consulting service will become a part of many project you were deploy, so when master plan approved. The next is what to know what you can go and why the way you go is absolutely right fits to you today and in the future. Ignorance [...]

December 24th, 2012Feature Newsuncs 0 Comments

Welcome to the IP communication generation We usually journey alongside through new ways of communication. In the past, the most powerful communication system is the telephone. Once Alexander Graham Bell invented it, he thought that it would be the big advantaged of communication for the people. Now a days, At UNCS we believe, Bell never [...]